READING COMPREHENSION: Calling All Illustrators!

Objective: Students will be able to exercise their reading comprehension skills by creating an illustration that uses as many of the story’s details as possible. 

Vocabulary: adjective/detail

Time:45 minutes

Difficulty: *****

What You Will Need: Paper, Pencils, Erasers, Colored Pencils, Sharpies and Reading Comprehension Stories (PDF below)

Preparing For The Project: Read through the 8 short stories in the PDF below.  Choose one story and make enough copies for each student.  READING COMPREHENSION STORIES

Project time:

1.At the beginning of the project.  Read the story you’ve chosen to aloud to the class. Be expressive and emphasize as many of the adjectives as you can to help students retain the information.  Send the students to their seats and ask them to begin to illustrate the story only using the details in the story.  Give them about 5 minutes to draw.

2. Pass out the stories to the students. Ask students to follow along with you as you read aloud again.  Ask the students to flip their story over and continue to illustrate only using the details in the story.  Give them another 5 minutes to draw.

3.  Allow the students to read their stories silently to themselves.  As they read, allow them to underline details that they forgot in their story.  Then have the students flip their papers over again and allow them to finish their drawings.

4.  As they finish drawing they can trace over their pencil lines with sharpie and color their work. 

Assessment: This project is a great item to put out on a bulletin board.  Post the story and your students illustrations.  You can also guide students through a self-assessment activity, where students can read through the story again.  If they added the detail into their illustration they can circle the adjective, if they forgot it they can underline it. 


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